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EPK Of all the decisions an employer has to make in running a business, choosing a health insurance program for its employees can be one of the most challenging. High rates, reduced benefits, unstable provider networks and less than impressive customer service are just a few of the problems employers have in making the right decision on this important employee benefit.

As a member of SMART, you have exclusive access to the MBA Health Insurance Trust.

The MBA Health Insurance Trust provides employers with access to comprehensive and competitive employee benefit options.

MBA offers over 35 medical plans and a selection of dental options from which employers can choose. By pooling together thousands of participating members, the MBA Health Insurance Trust is able to offer significant savings and custom benefits to members of SMART.

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  • Buying Power - The MBA Trust covers 70,000 members from over 2,300 building and construction industry companies. For over 18 years, the MBA Trust has provided companies with the finest healthcare at affordable rates, often 10 to 15% lower than what you could buy directly on your own from an insurance carrier.
  • Regional Leaders in the Health Care Market - Regence Blue Shield and Group Health Cooperative have teamed up with the MBA Trust to provide an exclusive program that can save your company health care dollars without reducing your employees’ health care benefits. All plans include prescription coverage, chiropractic, and preventive care benefits. With over a dozen medical plans to choose from, you are sure to find a comparable plan to your current medical program.
  • Dedicated Customer Service and Ongoing Program Support - The MBA Trust program includes the services of a full-time administrative staff at EPK & Associates, Inc. to help you with the day-to-day maintenance of your health insurance plan. In addition, the Trust carriers have dedicated MBA customer service teams to assure your employees and their families get the assistance they deserve when they need care.

If you would like to find out why the MBA Trust is the fastest growing program in the Northwest, they will be pleased to show you the savings. Please take a few minutes to call one of EPK’s sales consultants at 425-641-8093 to discuss the program and what information is necessary to generate a custom proposal for you.
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